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Still Going Strong

Life is all about adjusting to situations. As we season, fitness can be adjusted! So you can't run anymore on those aching knees, SO WHAT yes I said it! It has been a mental struggle not to take off on those long runs...but I have come to terms SO WHAT! ADJUST ADAPT KEEP MOVING! I love to work my heart so I spin hard, box, battle ropes, kettlebells etc and yes sometimes I JOG!

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Thank you Sherry

Thank you Sherry for being such an important part of my wellbeing! I do appreciate what you do, not only for me but for so many!!! My shoulder feels amazing today! R.B.

I Don't Have Words to Express

I don't have words to express my thankfulness to you and your family for Custom Fitness! It's a wonderful encouraging place to get "older" but "stronger" Yay! Carolyn G.

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