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Personal Trainers

Sherry McCay, BSN, RN

Sherry is an ACE-Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and holds certifications in Heart Rate Performance Specialist, Functional Movement Specialist, TRX Certified, Tabata Bootcamp Certified, Speed & Agility Training, USA Track & Field Coach, Exercise Therapy, Designing fitness programs for post-rehab clients, Sports Yoga, Insanity, Tai Chi for Arthritis through the Arthritis Foundation and many more... Sherry owns and operates Custom Fitness, LLC, and believes there are no "quick fixes only lifestyle changes!"

She has been in the fitness and rehab industry for over 35 years, along with nursing. She spends time as an Adjunct Nursing Instructor at WVU at Parkerkersburg.  Sherry specializes in pre/post-menopausal clients, individuals facing medical conditions such as cancer and neuromuscular disorders, post-rehab programs, sport-specific training, and injury prevention. Her goal is to keep you moving throughout all the cycles of life in order to maintain the maximum quality of life possible.

She has a special passion for training female athletes, focusing on injury prevention, body mechanics, and posturing, along with hormonal changes. 


ezra cienna.jpg

Ezra Stollar, Certified Fitness Trainer

Ezra graduated from Sports Medicine and Exercise at WCCC.  He is passionate about fitness and wishes to help you meet your fitness and health goals.  Ezra works with a large variety of clients.  Ezra has a special passion for kettlebell training too!  Ezra is accepting new clients.

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Asya Cash, Certified Personal Trainer 

Asya has been part of the Custom Fitness family for over 5 years. He could not walk up a set of stairs and weighed 275#. His physicians were very concerned that he would have a heart attack. He found fitness and also found the struggle to achieve his goals. He has had his share of roller coaster gains and losses. This makes him an astounding trainer because he lived with the struggle and continues to tackle his health head-on! Asya is now a Personal Trainer and is accepting new clients. Let him guide you to take the first step to a better life! Many have asked Asya how he stays motivated. His mantra is: "We must suffer from one of two pains.: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons".


Jim McCay, BA

Jim McCay, BA is a certified TRX Instructor and leads our TRX Warrior Challenge group fitness class every Monday evening at 5:15pm.  He has coached for over 20 years baseball, softball, soccer and football from youth to high school level.  Jim played all sports throughout his youth.  Baseball was his passion though.  He continued playing at the college level for University of Dayton.  Jim believes in the importance of cross-training.   


Marilyn Pasquarelli, Ph.D

Marilyn Pasquarelli, Ph.D. in clinical counseling from Ohio University.  She has been in the mental health field for 40 years specializing in trauma in children.  She has an extensive background in dance and has been an exercise enthusiast for years.  Marilyn encourages her clients to utilize exercise as a stress reducer and believes that regular exercise is an excellent part of treatment for all mental disorders.  She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Her classes emphasize balance, flexibility, and core strength.

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