My Back Surgery Journey

Why am I blogging about back surgery you may ask? I want folks to know life doesn't have to end. I also want people to know how important it is to move everyday. Keep yourself strong and flexible. I can't stress how important balance training is. With balance I couldn't put on my socks or shave my legs (NO Bending). I am not sure how folks make it through this surgery and recovery if they are not prepared. Make sure you know how you are going to brush your teeth or wash your face without bending-Can you do a Sumo squat? Can you balance on 1 leg and bring the other to chest level to put a sock on without bending. Who's going to take the clothes out of the dryer or unload the dishes unless you can squat and/or lunge forget it. Be prepared and get as fit as you can safely before jumping into this. It is worth it...On the road to recovery.

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