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My Back Surgery Journey

Day 9 added very careful standing upright on spin bike 30 min. Then interval strength:elliptical 1 mile x2 rounds. Today I wanted to test out driving and picking J.T. up from school. Tough getting in and out of car especially with brace. Half nauseated only because I was so paranoid someone was going to run into me (not my nature to be a nervous driver at all but couldn't wait to get home). 13,116 steps today

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Thank you Sherry

Thank you Sherry for being such an important part of my wellbeing! I do appreciate what you do, not only for me but for so many!!! My shoulder feels amazing today! R.B.

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I don't have words to express my thankfulness to you and your family for Custom Fitness! It's a wonderful encouraging place to get "older" but "stronger" Yay! Carolyn G.

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