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My Back Surgery Journey

Day 4. Why am I blogging this? For so many reasons. First to let folks know how important it is to stay healthy and strong. I was out of the hospital in 1 day instead of 3-4. Second recovery can be a bitch (sorry)! Think about it how do you brush your teeth and spit in the sink without bending over (sumo squat). How do you pick up something you dropped without bending (either a deep squat or lunge)? How do you shave your legs (this one was so rewarding with all the balance training I do-single leg pistol squat). Fitness isn't just about fitness it is about Everyday Daily Living Skills!!! Today I did a slow 3 miles on the treadmill along with light upper body dumbbell work and thank GOD for TRX safe no bending squats, rows, and lat lunges. Took 9147 steps today!

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